Greeting Shell script with Picture show and Weathre Forecast

"iterm2 greeting with weather and image" is a short shell made for bash_profil invoke to weather forecast based on GeoIP, a quote of greeting, and, show a random picture from given folder.


It is created to make use of Friday evening and show my daughter's random picture each time a terminal window is created. After a quick family demo show, I added cli arguments support the next day ㋡



  • Show randmo picture from folder.
    • It follows iTerm2 (on Mac) imgcat extended protocols.
    • Picture will be resized to given width in cols or 40 by default
    • Picture folder is specified or defaulted to ~/Pictures.
  • Fetch weathre forecast from
  • Adjust format according to current terminal window width.

Github Link:

Change Log

May28, 2017: Initial post.