When building k8s apps, e.g. a reverse proxy to route APIs in given business domain, helm chart is a convenient choice to build and ship the apps. Sometimes if it's a prototype, your teammates or yourself would think of running it in local for quick verification in local cluster or a better debug way. This post described the tips to build an app running both in and out of the cluster

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OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) launched free learning and certifcate exam promotion in 2021. I took the exam on May 10, 2021 and acquired the score 89% at the firs attempt. A OCI Certificate Badge will be available within couple of steps in a following email when you knocked the cert exam - usually within 2 working days. Here are some tips shared with readers.

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The picture was taken on Otaki Kite Festival 2020. The little penguin, teddy bear and other little buddies are driving the virus(played by a puffer fish kite) out of the their home land. 2 months later, the country-wide lock-down is announced.

April 2020 to April 2021, the silent year.

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"Borg" are a hive-mind collective - Star Trek. The term describes a pattern of shared information among multiple instances :_)

In most cases of app state sharing, the design really cares about a set of states can be share among components not whether it's one single object in runtime. Python Borg Pattern is easier and flexible to create shared states for other packages to access and use. It's helpful in configuration management, global IDs or session reusing.

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It is the last quarter of 2019. A large number of organizations already deployed docker containerized applications in production environment and usually the services are orchestrated with kubernetes or Openshift. As the well known saying, just moving applications to cloud doesn't mean clouding, we are still in the middle of way to cloud. This post is also a retrospective on the issues discovered this year on migrating traditional technical stacks to cloud.


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Problem Description

After a few weeks sorting up and working with Python3 on my Mac Book Pro, the brew update failed to update and reported an error of aws command not found.

> brew update
aws codecommit credential-helper $@ get: aws: command not found
fatal: could not read Username for 'https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-boneyard': terminal prompts disabled

^Cerror: https://github.com/caskroom/homebrew-cask did not send all necessary objects


The solution is straight through. Since aws cli is not found, it is a missed step in migrating Mac development environment from Python2 to Python3 -- the corresponding aws cli is not installed well to Python3.

My python environment is managed via PyEnv. When a new python version is installed, the upstream depeendencies are not maintained via requirement.txt so it needs a manual step to re-enable awscli.  

>pip3 install awscli --upgrade