Hi There,

Visitors here are assumed with interests to know a bit more about Max,.. and the code, ㋡ Here is a straight chart of Max Innovation Engine.


I take complex technical innovative ideas from life and create tools to make them happen with Python, Java, Cherry Brown Keyboard and Coffee.

\[Productivity(@Max) = \prod (\sum{_{Golang+Python}^{Kubernetes+Cloud}}, Keyboard, Coffee, Teamwork)\]

In professional language, I am a skilled Software Engineer with experience in Automation Test, Software Development and Project Coordination, Ready For Hire. I have worked on:

  • Backend service devleopment for wireless telecommunication UNix and Linux clusters
  • Sustaining embedded Linux SoC boards and remote radio devices
  • Building and expanding automation test for broadband network solutions with GPON and G.Fast softwares.

I keep eyes on inpiring technologies about automation test and cloud computing. Last year(2016) I walked two certificates on AWS associated Dev/Arch and expanded more on BDD methodologies. In Nov, I moved to the middle earth (Wellington, New Zealand) and now work for Datacom on Web UAT test automation. Besides Selenium and the cons/pros, there are alternative solution on Web test automation and I spend time in off hour to study further technologies to expand automation test understanding.

Github: https://github.com/maxwu/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxwu/ Stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/230100/maxwu In Progress: Gitbook Notes

It is a kind of luckiness to be part of the fantastic changing IT world. Everyday we can see inspiring theories, proven or raw ideas, experiements on data and clouding. Seeing the big cycle of evolution, it is time to enhance personal feedback cycle of build-measure-learn.

Output is the awesome step of learning and even more important than input for learning. Running a blog is a personal way to shorten the feedback cycle. In most time, the feedback is from myself. When we take a look at the works a few months ago, the feeling is exciting that we are better. New thoughts are inspired with better understanding, then I will update blog to step forward in the iterative learning cycle.

Dear visitors, this blog has integrated Disqus commenting board so visitors are encouraged to place notes or questions to inspire further innovations. I found traffics are redriected from google to this blog.

  • If you are searching for problem solving and programming tips and search engine brings you here, just cat an email, ping me a message on disqus, or "at" me on stackoverflow, I am glad to provide samples and share my solution code. I worked as a tutor in university for two years so I got to know some of the theories, like searching tree, dynamic planning, just need a few good examples to bring talent in.

  • If you are looking for automation test tips and searching engine brings you here. Please click the catalogs menu link in left (on top for mobile browsers) and find "automation test" section. I will be happy for a chalk talk or cafe table conversation.

  • I don't migrate embedded Linux, bug solving, network diagnosing tips here. However, if we coworked in early years or know each other, it is time to leave a message on Guest Book and I will catch you up in off hours.

Besides computer and mathematics, I enjoy travels and hiking, visiting different places, experiencing the diversity and looking around. I drove into couple dozens of states in USA and travelled to India, Cambodia and Vietnam. Buddies, cheers for all the good memories in Minnesoda, Illinois, New Jersey, Banglore, Kolkata and Varanasi.

A still photo on Lucent New Year Party when I took drama play on stage (I was the actor wearing light blue traditional Chinese suit 500 years ago in Ming dynasty :-D ). Lucent is part of Nokia now and no longer with Bell-Labs. Thanks for all the happiness and treasuring memories in Lucent Campus.

Code for fun, test for fun

-- ♘