Acquired Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Certified Architect Associate Cert

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) launched free learning and certifcate exam promotion in 2021. I took the exam on May 10, 2021 and acquired the score 89% at the firs attempt. A OCI Certificate Badge will be available within couple of steps in a following email when you knocked the cert exam - usually within 2 working days. Here are some tips shared with readers.

  • Due to pandemic, learners can choose to take the exam at home. I registered with Pearson and took the exam with pearson apps on my MacBook. A kind reminder to to run the PC scan prior to exam date to find if there is any violations - candidates need to remove the violated apps to keep a compliant environment. Also it's suggested to tidy up the room for your exam. Personally I will suggest to temporarily move all books, screens, and all things with printed letters out of room and it's better to give yourself a couple of days to get used to it.

  • The exam style is similar to AWS cert exam. However, the weight among the exam guideline mentioned areas are not described with percentage. Some of the topics are not available to practice with OCI free tier account. It's not required to practice them but if it's possible, getting some credit to play around will be helpful.

  • The last chapter of Oracle University free training offers a sample exam. It's suggested to use the sample exam to get familiar with the multiple-choice exam style and pace. The author suggests readers to keep 1 min for 1 problem and reminder yourself don't spend much time on a single problem.

  • Security is a significant feature and a saling point of OCI. Readers are suggested to take special care on the availability, integrity and confidentiality, e.g. DDoS attack prevention and SSL certificate configurations.


PS: The promotion of free cert exam is extended to end of year. Hopefully learner around the world could make a better use of time in pandemic while WFH(work-from-home).

Change Log

May10, 2021: Took OCI Architect Associate Cert Exam and acquired the cert