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Brief Introduction

Max is a software engineer in automation test area with development background, especially on Linux platform.

As an automation test engineer, I have worked with Cucumber-JVM + JUnit + Selenium in Java and Robot Framework + Selenium + customized keyword lib in Python.In those projects, I participated System Integration Test and Third Party Acceptance Test over several interfaces as CLI, Web Driver, RESTful and proprietary device protocols. As for Web testing, I have designed Page Objects and also Bot Style automation libraries to support the different test strategies. I also got Java programming and SQL experiences from the previous development work on security message gateway products. I set up the first Jenkins node to support building CI infrastructure for our team. The automation test cluster was built with vSphere environment. Meanwhile, my personal open source projects are migrated to Travis and Circle with Maven and JUnit. I keep the self-learning on test theories, programming skills and AWS technologies in off hours.

In summary, I would like to highlight three points: the hands on skills on test automation, proven fast learning record and strong problem resolving ability.



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Updated Feb 16, 2017