(Minor)Issues with Two govt.nz website

April 25, 2017: The same defect is found on Air New Zealand Career Board. With a quick study, the resources point to a company named "Snaphire" (resource name is com.snaphire.wicket.*). It seems the typo is with common template by Snaphire for both the two NZ government web sites.

This post is about human interface defect instead of codes or automation as usual. Couple of real world defects are discovered on web services with local business. It might be an indicator of demand on QA engineering, both automation and manual test. At least of a pattern is discovered, for example typo, it is easy to code the pattern of spelling check and word similarity calculation with basic NLP in Python or Java.

As a phase of test, human interface test will also consider the concrete application view from end users. Usually this is part of UAT. Therefore the criticality relates to how human actions are blocked or how good/bad the experiences is.

Two Minor Level Issues with careers.parliament.govt.nz.

  1. The typo word "Githib". Here is the snapshot about how to reproduce in the "registration" scenario.

I really did a Google search and it came out a high probability that it is still a typo of "Github".

April 25, 2017: An inference is that either the direct career board on business web site is not intensively used, or, the applicants are not Github fans. Considering IT professionals, with local work experiences, usually co-work with agents in job seeking, it is reasonable. However, it is still not a good feeling to see such a famous term in typo in multiple official web sites.

Below is a screenshot of the typo.

  1. Missing an "Other" (and a linked input element) in the source select element.

This might be turned to a spec question. However, in an Agile environment, spec is also executable scenario and spec is also a target to qualify. I got the information from recruit.net and there is no further source mentioned in recuirt.net post. Therefore an option of "Other(s)" here is a safe zone to access the true data.

  1. On Career baord of Air New Zealand (by same vendor), the "contact us" link leads to 404 page. The link is https://careers.airnz.co.nz/contact-us.

This kind of 404 page indicates a missing test. In fact all links are expected to be recursively checked by automation test frameworks to perform a sanity to ensuer no 404 at all.

[Update Jan15, 2017]: Change style class to make image alignment on left with "Next" Theme. [Update Apr25, 2017]: Air New Zealand Career website has same defect. It seems Snaphire has deployed the typoe to multiple NZ government web sites.