why I write technical blog

This post describes the thoughts, motivation and tips on starting technical blog.

Output is part of learning

The first reason could be traced to a suggestion I took from my manager in Lucent Technologies company. It is as important as, or even more important to output rather than just taking inputs. In other words, the theory recommend people to organize the thoughts by making output as a part of learning phase.

Writing is an exploration

IELTS tests English langauge level with four sections, reading, listening, writing and conversation. The first two sections are for inputs and the rest two sections are for outputs. Which means, for language learning, output is as important as input, 50% to 50%. Well for Chinese students, it is easy to get a good score on inputs but difficult to get a high score in output. The reason is complicated. Cultural background is considered as an elementary reason that Chinese students are good at reading but relatively lower performance on writing or presentation.

Writing a blog could mitigate this. Bloging as a habit forces us to write down tips and summarize the thoughts in an organized style.

Refactor artifacts brings better understanding

Some posts on this Hexo blog with Github are updated more than 5 times. Usually there is an idea or a brief of tips at first. After a couple of days, I turn back to complish the TBC parts. However, sometimes after dinner, I used to find an improvement on the description, or, there is a bug to resolve against the first solution.

For example, I post my iptables rules with nginx in the first version of post. But when I triggered Jenkins task with selenium, a critical bug is discovered that loopback interface is not in ACCEPT rule on INPUT chain.

Keeping the post updated once there is a better view inspired by reading or occassionally reasons. Then when you get back to the post and organize the language, the understanding on technical topics will update, too.


2017-03-02, Max, Initial post.