Genre-Clawer -- A Cli-App and Maven lib to fetch genres

Genre-Clawer (Github) is a tool in both maven lib and cli-app created to verify an idea to fetch genres for given music pieces. It started with a post on Lower Hutt Countdown wall and which is a good journey as a weekend hackathon.



Last week, I saw a post on Lower Hutt countdown community wall. The writer shared a problem in picking songs from a genre sets with given order. I took it as an interesting topic and divided it into two steps:

  • Genre tagging;
  • Recommendation algorithms.

There comes the Genre-Clawer in the weekend as a maven lib and a CLI binary. It is also a good journey for me to learn new stuffs.

This jar ball is a tool to support the tagging sub-problem and practice selenide as well as maven lib deployment. For a realistic case, I would prefer a fast implementation with Python for the more convenient eco and sweety language. However, regarding most of the dev/test positions in Wellington that I am looking for require tracks of Java coding proof, it is a choice to keep hands warm with Java all possible time.

The Java lib picks BillBoard weekly top100 songs by default to fetch genres. From v1.3 on, the success rate is 92% for the top100 songs. The failed songs genre list will only contain one term "NA".

User Guide



With above dependencies with maven, here is a quick sample to query genre list with song information.

import me.maxwu.genre.htmlUnit.HtmlUnitBase;

public class GenreCli {
public static void main(String[] args) {
"Song: That's What I Like, Genre:"
+ new HtmlUnitBase()
.getSongGenres("That's What I Like", "Bruno Mars")
# Execution Logs
Song: That's What I Like, Genre:[Pop]

Another sample to use HtmlUnit client in both billboard top100 song list and genre fetching.

import me.maxwu.genre.htmlUnit.HtmlUnitBase;

public class CliApp {
public static void main(String[] args){
new HtmlUnitBase()
.forEach(s -> System.out.println(
"Song: " + s.get("song") + ", Genre:"
+ new HtmlUnitBase()
.getSongGenres(s.get("song").toString(), s.get("artist").toString()) )
#Execution logs
Song: Shape Of You, Genre:[Pop]
Song: That's What I Like, Genre:[Pop]
Song: Bad And Boujee, Genre:[Hip-hop, rap]
Song: I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker), Genre:[Pop]

Since in most situation people will not utilize multiple clients unless in testing, app package is in progress of an update to support a simplified application and efficient improvement. These are on list for v1.4 as next release, which is open for recommendations.

Java Application Cli


>java -jar ./target/Genre-Clawer-1.3.jar [-h] | [-n ${size}] [-c ${client}] [-s ${song} | [-a ${artist]]

"-h": Show help message and exit.

"-n": Size of song list fetched from BillBoard Top100 music. This option is int type and defaults to 10.

"-c": Case insensitive client type from {"HtmlUnit", "Selenide" and Jsoup (in progress)}. Option is case insensitive string of client name. HtmlUnit is the default client type. Using Selenide requests Chrome Browser configured up with Selenium and WebDriverManager.

"-s": Song name in string to query genres for a specific music piece. Song name is recommended to wrapped with quotation marks.

"-a": Artist name in string to support the above query with song name. Artist name is recommended to wrapped with quotation marks.

Example 1: Fetch billboard top 5 songs genres

By default, HtmlUnit headless browser is used in this example.

# To fetch billboard top5 songs genres:
>java -jar ./target/Genre-Clawer-1.3.jar -n5
Got total 5 songs
song: Shape Of You
artist: Ed Sheeran
genres: [Pop]
song: Bad And Boujee
artist: Migos Featuring Lil Uzi Vert
genres: [Hip-hop, rap]
song: That's What I Like
artist: Bruno Mars
genres: [Pop]
song: I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)
artist: Zayn / Taylor Swift
genres: [Pop]
song: Love On The Brain
artist: Rihanna
genres: [Contemporary R&B, Pop]

Success rate = 100.00%

Example 2: Fetch genres for song name "Love On The Brain" and artist name "Rihanna"

Obviously, this example will utilize default HtmlUnit headless browser.


Further works

For the second sub-problem, some additional glue works shall be adapted in between as:

  • Regulating genre and mapping to dimensions, e.g. with ID3v1

  • Cached persistence and realistic storage

  • RESTful API with a presentation layer in front

With the above constructions, generating playlist could be turned to a typical recommendation algorithm.


Change logs:

2017-03-21, Initial summary for Genre-Clawer v1.4a1.