When I was querying nearby Gym on snapfitness website, it targeted to an HTTP 404 page. As an automation test analyst, I wrote a letter to the webmaster with analysis pointing to backend RESTful API defect and hope it will help :_)

Note that this defect only happens with snapfitness.com, another domain snapfitness247.con.nzis still working fine to return correct JSON data on POST Web API call (thru postman).

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A scenario which is in sunny day for a while but turns to rainy day in another while or another day. This scenario is also called blinking story/test. A more formal term, occassional failure. They all refer to this kind of issue.

It is quite important to resolve blinking scenarios because the issue is destorying the trust in automation. Without a full trust on automation, CI and further migration is still a dream.

Here are several hints to resolve flickering/blinking/Occassional-failing stories:

  • Environmental reasons, perticuplarly the shared elements;
  • Leakage of resource, fd, memory, defragmented buddy pool, combined ID space, et;
  • Race condition, it is more difficult to find and usually lead to a hidden problem in products;

Yes, we are talking about the three dimensions again. Logic(scope/concept/recognition), Space (leak/id/dirty/init/clean/oversize) and Time (racing/history/cache/lifetime/frequency/multithreading) are still the three friends for software engineers to think about in typical tough moment.

Good luck, testers.



刚刚过去的假期读罢<北京折叠>.其实类似的反乌托邦题材并不罕见,然而数天后仍然能感觉到作者在字里行间中透出的压抑下的无力和自嘲 -- 本贴长期更新,记录访问Internet和从Internet访问世界上最大的局域网科学方法和最佳实践.

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It is a corrigendum on AWS official online documents in mainly for the translated documents in Chinese language. The list was firstly collected when I was quickly searching for some information during AWS studying but found the information was obsoleted. Would keep it updated and maintained lively.

  1. RDS DB size threshold is wrong in Chinese version;

  2. Days between two certificate tests one candidate shall spend; The number is incorrect according to global AWS policy;

  3. Private IP is only returned after stop and “restart”. https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/faqs/

  4. The bottom part, the words shall be "<5MB" http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/qfacts.html

  5. “评估逻辑”—>”求值逻辑” This a better translation on term. http://docs.aws.amazon.com/zh_cn/sns/latest/dg/AccessPolicyLanguage_EvaluationLogic.html

  6. S3 Doc translation:将VisibilityTimeout设置为0秒不会导致将消息移动到死信 队列。”=> “设置为0秒则消息不会移动到死信队列" http://docs.aws.amazon.com/zh_cn/AWSSimpleQueueService/latest/SQSDeveloperGuide/AboutVT.html?shortFooter=true "


追加--AWS Developer Associate

在去年(2016)10月考过SAA(Solution Architect Associate)后发现原来考试的顺序并非→_→最优. Developer的Certificate最简单,其次Sys-Admin,而SAA反而在入门级里面有一些难度.应当感谢一下南京考点的涂老师,在距离飞新西兰只有不到两周的时间很顺利的订上了时间段.

现在有很多回忆已经不太清晰了,当时的感觉就是CDA比SAA要容易的多,大约有一半左右内容或知识点重复覆盖.有些个别的场景就要stand in my shoes,从提问者的角度来思考哪个方案更合理. 既然网速和上次一样仍然比较慢,可以采取的策略就是也不用理会题目上打得星标记号.时间总是双倍的够,所以做一遍然后再从头到尾都看一遍即可.多上网找找讲座可以赚考试券补贴20USD,拿来兑一次模拟考培养战力,推荐上微信搜云果儿.云果公司在深圳,服务很快速,微信或者淘宝上付款后考试卷两天内就可以发到邮箱或微信.拿到考试券就可以去官网上Redeem.虽然是Developer的认证,对开发这部分几乎没有什么涉及,所以平时Practice的Lambda, serverless等对这个考试本身没有直接帮助.但是如果能够很好的理解dev/ops框架,这个考试基本上不会有难度.

Seeking a Software Job in Wellington Region

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  • http://www.maxwu.me
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  • https://github.com/maxwu

Brief Introduction

Max is a software engineer in automation test area with development background, especially on Linux platform.

As an automation test engineer, I have worked with Cucumber-JVM + JUnit + Selenium in Java and Robot Framework + Selenium + customized keyword lib in Python.In those projects, I participated System Integration Test and Third Party Acceptance Test over several interfaces as CLI, Web Driver, RESTful and proprietary device protocols. As for Web testing, I have designed Page Objects and also Bot Style automation libraries to support the different test strategies. I also got Java programming and SQL experiences from the previous development work on security message gateway products. I set up the first Jenkins node to support building CI infrastructure for our team. The automation test cluster was built with vSphere environment. Meanwhile, my personal open source projects are migrated to Travis and Circle with Maven and JUnit. I keep the self-learning on test theories, programming skills and AWS technologies in off hours.

In summary, I would like to highlight three points: the hands on skills on test automation, proven fast learning record and strong problem resolving ability.



  • The remarkable number.
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brew uninstall git
brew uninstall curl
brew install curl --with-openssl
brew install git —with-brewed-curl —with-brewed-openssl




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